How to market your small business on a limited budget

How to market your small business on a limited budget

Advertising and marketing can be a tricky area that many small businesses struggle with. It can be difficult for small businesses to stretch their budget to effectively market their products or services. However, with some creativity there are plenty of ways to successfully market a small business with a limited budget.


One suggestion would be the use of YouTube due to its popularity and features. YouTube can be a daunting endeavor for first time creators, however if properly utilised can be indispensable. The website can be used for many things, including a launch of a new product, providing customer service help and spreading the word about the business. 

Google Universal Search combines videos, images, news, books and local searches together to provide for Google’s search results. This is to provide the most beneficial information for the people searching. Within the search results it is becoming apparent that Google considers videos to be as valuable as text-only pages. 

The marketing team can take advantage of this by writing high quality articles on the business site and creating complementary videos on YouTube. Doing this will help build backlinks to the business site, meaning the business will be found more often by people searching on Google. By utilising YouTube as part of the marketing strategy for the business, it will also increase the authority of the website. The more authoritative the website is in Google’s eyes, the higher all the pages will rank in the search results.

Social Media

The benefits of advertising on social media is improved brand recognition. Regular posting on social media on social media platform companies to interact with the clientele on familiar grounds. Some popular social media channels include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin. Each social media platform is unique in its own right and requires unique ways of engagement. Instead of attempting to use all at once, choose a few that stick out and try to amster those first. 

This constant interaction creates a picture of credibility and eagerness to listen to what the clients have to say. Once customers are familiar with the brand to friends and family, increasing brand reach. The brand should not constantly hammer the presence, but it should be enough to make an impact. 

For any company to stay relevant, it needs a loyal clientele base. Advertising on social media creates an open service platform where customers can express their views and feelings about services and products offered. By listening to consumer opinions, customer levels rise exponentially, and along with the loyalty to the brand increased. 

Contests and Giveaways

Giving away desirable or fun items is a great method to gain goodwill, build brand awareness and connect with potential customers. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from contests and giveaways, as they both can bring excellent brand exposure.No matter the size of the prize, big or small, consumers tend to love free gists and they will be more likely to put the effort in if they think the prize is worth it. 

The benefits of doing a contest or a giveaway, especially if it is opened up to everyone, not just the consumer base. This will provide the opportunity to gain the attention of new customers. A contest or giveaway is the perfect piece of content for all the social media channels. It can increase the reach and views of the business, and also engagement. Regardless of whether the point of entry is shares, or using a paid promotional ad, the end result could be an increase in followers. 

If the business is looking to build a mailing or email list, a contest is a great way to do so. Often, if there is a prize involved, people tend to be less wary of giving out their email address. Having a standard entry form to send out a confirmation email, with an unsubscribe option at the bottom, is a great way to collect data. 

Referral Programme

To grow a business, the marketers want more leads. This can happen through word of mouth. Referral marketing allows this to happen on a large scale. A referral marketing campaign helps a business reach a large pool of people that might have initially been missed. This helps leverage any social channels.

Brands are usually brought up in conversation between customers because people like discussing new products and their favourite stores. Customers tend to share new finds with their friends and family, who they believe will enjoy it. A big goal of a marketer is to find qualified leads. In most cases, a person will refer those who they believe want what is being offered and those who are actually interested move forward. Therefore, a qualified lead has been gained; someone who has been advised to the trusted business since it was recommended from a trusted source.

As referral marketing relies on word of mouth and the existing customer, the cost of marketing can be significantly reduced. It is less expensive pushing marketing efforts to an existing customer base than it is to market to new customers. Not to mention a customer’s recommendation is much more persuasive than any ad. 


There are many benefits to outsourcing the digital marketing needs of a company to Slingshot. A few of these include, saving on the cost of marketing the business; freeing up internal resources to focus on the core competencies of the business; and the benefitting Slingshots marketing expertise.

Outsourcing digital marketing needs would cost a fraction of what it would cost to hire an inhouse team of professionals and to receive the same level expertise. Aside from the initial savings, there is not the worry or cost of training up any additional staff. This training can include continuous professional training, certification, conferences and time to stay on top of new updates and releases.  

Larger businesses may already have a marketing department but can still benefit from an outside agency. Any good digital agency will act as another arm of the marketing department, helping improve performance of their current marketing, suggesting areas of improvement and supplementing the internal skill set.

Get in contact with Slingshot today, to find out what we can do for you!

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